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Let SiteCreations manage your WordPress website!

Manage your WordPress site

With WordPress running 30 Percent of the Top 10 Million Websites worldwide, naturally many companies and entrepreneurs are now running their website on WordPress, as is SiteCreations.

Unfortunately WordPress requires expensive management in terms of time and resources, and is constantly under attack from hackers worldwide (security monitoring of my clients’ websites reveal various types of hacking attacks at a rate of an attack every few seconds)

Added to this risk, is the overhead of almost daily plugin, theme and core updates – vital to ensure your website has the best protection and performance constantly.

I have in-depth knowledge and six years experience in managing WordPress websites, and managing my own and existing WordPress websites takes priority among my daily duties, alongside my excellent SEO, Adwords and website design activities.

Coming from an Operations and Command Centre background, I have always worked at automating and centralizing as many management actions as possible, and this has enabled me to successfully manage over 120 websites, 24 of them running on WordPress (and counting every week, as all new websites I design are running on WordPress)

I have put in place a vast array of management systems to actively manage all my WordPress websites, along with regular email reports and updates. I know immediately when a hacking attempt is taking place on a WordPress website, and I can block shady regional IP address ranges as soon as they try to get in. I actively update WordPress plugins on a daily basis, perform backups of WordPress websites (alongside other website backups)

The cost to maintain and manage your WordPress website is R250 per month. This includes the following services:

– Hosting your website and emails on my host (if you’d like to move to my host to save existing hosting costs)
– WordPress security management
– WordPress core, theme and plugin updates
– Website page content updates – your daily posts, news, social media etc is still your responsibility (or we can discuss a package)
– Weekly WordPress website backups
– Constant website availability monitoring

Does this sound attractive to you? Contact me to discuss how we can actively manage your WordPress website! Ian at 0790110837 or