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Affordable Web design by SiteCreations – very quick delivery time, and most of all – excellent after-sales support. Enjoy our website and view our extensive website design portfolio and client testimonials!

Website design and development in South Africa

We offer website design and development services in the following areas:

  • Design and development of a business website
  • Superior website and email hosting
  • Computer and Internet training to meet business objectives
  • Internet marketing of customer’s product
  • Introduction to internal collaboration within the business

Are you looking for a company to design your website, or perhaps re-design an old and non-functional website? Are you experiencing the following frustrations:

  • Your original web designer no longer exists or they do not have your source documentation anymore?
  • The extremely high costs of website design?
  • Lack of trust for the very-low-cost (cheap) competitors?
  • Complications and high cost of hosting solutions?
  • Slow response to your enquiries?
  • Lack of references, testimonials and customer portfolios?

Website design and development in South Africa

Professional Website design at affordable prices!

We are intrigued and challenged by the opportunity to prove that technology can translate into business.

We thus have different ideas on costing, creating a flexible solution aimed at getting your company, product or service onto the internet as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Included in a costing model is the intention to maintain and sustain your website into the future, either through regular maintenance through us, or yourself – empowered with superb training and all the tools you require.

SiteCreations SA will manage the registration and hosting of your chosen domain for you, minimising the amount of effort you need to expend in order to set up your new website.

In addition, if you need to move your domain to our host, we will also facilitate this for you!

SiteCreations SA Maintenance Offering

SiteCreations SA has a detailed plan to vastly improve your website’s online marketing, besides vital updates to your website and support. This is an overview of our maintenance services:

1) Hosting and Maintaining your website in terms of any updates you may require including

  • Site content
  • Pictures
  • Contact details
  • Product information
  • New pages

2) Ensure the integrity and security of your website constantly

  • Monitor spammer and hacking attempts
  • Backup your website and database regularly

3) Perform any email account maintenance

  • New email accounts setup
  • Password resets
  • Email inbox cleanup actions

4) Perform advanced search engine optimisation for your website

  • Regularly monitor your search engine performance
  • Manage the site description and site keywords for the best position
  • Ensure your website has the appropriate content for the search engines
  • Create a Google Places entry on google for you
  • Implement various types of sitemaps for the search engines

5) Assist you with your Social Media Marketing campaign

  • Create a Facebook business page
  • Create a LinkedIn business page
  • Create a Google business page
  • Create a Twitter account if appropriate
  • Assign you as administrator and assist you where needed
  • Constantly comparing your website SEO score against various SEO tools we have access to
  • Performing constant tweaks to align your website’s SEO position with your business goals
  • Adding your website to Sitecreations’ Webmaster control panel and ensuring your site is regularly refreshed on Google
  • Creating a google analytics dashboard to monitor the activity on your site
  • Provide you with regular reports via email on your website’s performance
  • Building quality links with you to ensure growing traffic into your website
  • Performing all activities required to ensure your website is optimally positioned for the search engines

Terms and conditions

  • Website hosting and maintenance is on a monthly basis, no written contract, notice period of 1 month applies if transferring to another host or cancellation of services.
  • Maintenance is invoiced at the end of the month, and payment is required in 7 days
  • Domain registration, domain transfer and domain renewal is for the customer’s account, and will be added to your quote and an annual renewal fee. This amount is transferred to the domain registrar.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting or work via email to proceed with this project.

Take a look at our portfolio of websites developed for a wide spectrum of clients.

Feel free to browse around our site, note the links and integration to various social networks and Google Advertising, which is so important to market and expose your website and business ahead of the market.

Please use our Contact Page to send any enquiries to us – we will respond within one working day.