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Website design and development in South Africa

Beautiful and Professional WebsitesAffordable Web design by SiteCreations - very quick delivery time, and most of all - excellent after-sales support. Enjoy our website and view our extensive website design portfolio and client testimonials!

We offer website design and development services in the following areas:

  • Design and development of a business website
  • Contracting between customer and web hosting provider
  • Computer and Internet training to meet business objectives
  • Internet marketing of customer's product
  • Introduction to internal collaboration within the business

Powerful and functional content managersAre you looking for a company to design your website, or perhaps re-design an old and non-functional website? Are you experiencing the following frustrations:

  • Your original web designer no longer exists or they do not have your source documentation anymore?
  • The extremely high costs of website design?
  • Lack of trust for the very-low-cost (cheap) competitors?
  • Complications and high cost of hosting solutions?
  • Slow response to your enquiries?
  • Lack of references, testimonials and customer portfolios?

Professional Website design at affordable prices!

We are intrigued and challenged by the opportunity to prove that technology can translate into business.

Efficient design and delivery of your websiteWe thus have different ideas on costing, creating a flexible solution aimed at getting your company, product or service onto the internet as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Included in a costing model is the intention to maintain and sustain your website into the future, either through regular maintenance through us, or yourself - empowered with superb training and all the tools you require.

There are also different costing categories for our services:

1) Costs for a full project - from a network to an online presence
2) Ad-hoc development, maintenance or repairs
3) Contracted support for a business

Regular maintenance, newsletter marketing and search engine optimisationSiteCreations SA will coordinate the domain creation, domain registration, and debit order setup for you, minimising the amount of effort you need to expend in order to set up your new website.

In addition, if you need to move your domain to your preferred host, we will also facilitate this for you!

SiteCreations SA Maintenance Offering

SiteCreations SA has a detailed plan to vastly improve your website's online marketing, besides vital updates to your website and support. This is an overview of our maintenance services:

1. Regular website updates

We're sure you have the need to add content to your website, new articles, new pages, new pictures, new products, new services, update contact details and so on. This would fall into the maintenance agreement.

2. Link Exchange activities

We firmly believe in sharing links with as many related or interesting websites as possible, which will direct interested visitors to your site, increase traffic (vital for search engines) and attract possible new clients. We offer you an active links exchange program as your website grows.

3. Social Media Networking

It's well known now that having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (for a start) can greatly improve your exposure, and create a community around your product or service. We can begin by creating your Facebook page, setting you up as an administrator, teach you how to exploit these platforms, integrate your Facebook page back into your website, and also link your Facebook page directly to your Twitter profile which we can create for you.

Keep in mind that once you have a Facebook page, any website search for your product or service will be found first on Facebook, due to its presence and power.

4. Newsletter marketing

You simply won't believe how powerful a direct newsletter to potential and existing clients can be. As an example, every time we send out a newsletter, we can expect up to three new clients, and a similar number of clients subscribing to this offer we're discussing with you. A newsletter is a very powerful means of direct marketing, and we offer you this service too - your website is fully capable of managing your mailing list, and generating a professional email newsletter say once a month.

5. Security and housekeeping

Naturally, while we're on your website and domain making all these changes and updates, we have the opportunity of cleaning up your website, optimising the database, checking for any signs of hacking, phishing and spamming, and note that a dormant site is a key candidate for hackers to try and break in and place their phishing sites on your website. Although your website is very secure and this has only happened to very old versions of my content manager, nothing is impossible with the high level of attacks we have these days, and it is something we check for on a regular basis and protect your website in doing so.

6. Google Maps

Many people use Google maps these days to find physical locations of businesses, perhaps to find a product or service in their geographical vicinity, and it certainly gives your business more exposure by having a presence on Google Maps, which we can do for you as part of this maintenance contract

7. Listing sites

If you do a search for your product or service, you will probably find several listing sites or catalogue sites before you find your site. This is because they have been around for a while, have a high amount of volume, and have very good search engine rankings. It would pay to have your site listed on these listing sites, some offer listings for free, some offer this service at reasonable rates, we can take it one step at a time and add you to various listing sites as we go along and within your budget.

If you are interested in the value we can add to your business venture, we'd love to meet with you and discuss your requirements further.

Click here to view a quick portfolio of our websites developed for a wide spectrum of clients.

Feel free to browse around our site, note the links and integration to various social networks and Google Advertising, which is so important to market and expose your website and business ahead of the market.

Please use our Contact Page to send any enquiries to us - we will respond within one working day.